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About Carol Higgins Taylor

Carol Higgins Taylor, MA, ARP, is a native Mainer with a passion for public relations and advertising.  It began at an early age when she faithfully watched the TV show Bewitched and dreamed of growing up to work for the McMahon and Tate Advertising Agency.

Carol moved to Los Angeles and studied broadcasting and advertising.  As most Mainers, who leave Vacationland, she returned home and graduated from the University of Maine with a BA in journalism. Later she earned her MA in Public Relations from Kent State and her accreditation in public relations (APR).

Carol worked in radio for several years and then turned to public relations. She worked for small nonprofits as the communications manager, then for 14 years as the Director of Communications at Eastern Area Agency on Aging, crafting messages to achieve the most effective impact and facilitating strategic distribution.  

Through her career, Carol has demonstrated proven success in “getting the word out” with communications campaigns that fit tight budgets.  She understands the constraints that nonprofits face and is skilled at working around them. 

After working for nonprofits in public relations and communications for 20 years, the McMahon and Tate dream became a reality in a grown-up way. She didn’t work with Darrin Stephens, but did open her own PR/Advertising firm in 2013.

Sometimes the reality doesn’t live up to the dream, but in this case, it’s even better.